Yahoo Messenger Now Comes With Improved Image Features

yahoo messenger new versionYahoo Messenger now comes with improved image features and the latest version of the messaging platform has a series of functions that the organization introduced before thanks to several social platforms, since it has incorporated options from Flickr, Tumblr, Tomfoolery and Cooliris. The support does precisely what users expect from such a service and it has enhanced its fundamental options.

the service now allows customers to share their images much easier and at the desired dimensions. Instead of restricting the options to posting pictures one at a time, people can choose even thousands of pictures to be submitted at the same time, which the organization says that will not limit the overall efficiency.

Furthermore, while the images’ thumbnail previews appear almost in real-time at a size of around 5 percent of the real pictures, when users download them, they will get them in full quality. It is this particular feature that will make customers to reconsider Yahoo Messenger, thanks to Flickr’s system and it is something that the platform states other messaging solutions cannot do.

Picture assistance has been available for Yahoo Messenger, however the latest uploading procedure is fairly quick. In the trial version, it took less than a second from when the photo was distributed to when it showed up on another gadget.

Another function that customers might like is the possibility to un-send a file they have published on the platform. The most apparent application of the option is if a user has posted something inappropriate where his friends or social circle can see and then he wants to withdraw the respective massage. Now it is possible to remove missives without additional requirements, whether it is a written post, picture or animated image, regardless of the posting time of the respective message.

The company’s’ experts have pointed out that today’s texting functions are either volatile or long lasting. Considering that customers would prefer to choose their messages’ lifespan, Yahoo included the un-send option, which will eliminate material from every system where it appears, not only from one side of the application.

While people could easily go to a website like Giphy, get the computer file and post it on Telegram or WhatsApp, Yahoo has a natural strategy, with maybe some of the biggest databases of animated images: Tumblr.

Yahoo’s representatives said that clients would gain access to Messenger’s newest GIFs published in the online community in almost real-time, since there will not be people administering the service. But, there are protection filters to make sure that unsuitable GIFs do not pass through it.

Image source: Yimg