Yahoo Allegedly Reinvents Its Yahoo Messenger App

"Yahoo messenger photo sharing"

Yahoo Messenger will feature faster photo sharing options.

Following in the footsteps of its competitors, Yahoo allegedly reinvents its Yahoo Messenger app. The move is meant to give smartphone users, be they Android or iOS, an alternative to the already popular programs, but tech analysts doubt this is really possible.

Yahoo is going through various changes as CEO Marissa Meyer tries to get the company on a more stable position. Among the sales and acquisitions that the company is making, Yahoo also thinks reinventing its messaging program Yahoo Messenger might help.

According to Yahoo’s reps, the new smartphone app will be compatible with both Android and iOS devices. In addition, the communication speed will be much more rapid thanks to the integrated services that Yahoo has added.

Even so, tech analysts don’t seem neither surprised, nor impressed by the new features that the app presents. On the contrary, the general impression was that all that Yahoo is now trying to offer has already been offered before. While Yahoo Messenger has barely introduced photo sharing by syncing data with Flickr, many messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat already have these services.

The only difference, according to Yahoo officials is that their app will be much faster. Moreover, Yahoo guarantees new group features, but it remains to be seen whether these will really attract users. Although Yahoo guarantees one-to-one group conversations, there are many messaging apps that already do this.

Yahoo Messenger first appeared in 1998. It soon became one of the most popular messaging apps because it gave internet users the possibility to communicate freely with their friends. There were many funny themes and games that users could get involved in, but the app eventually lost its popularity when smartphone technology kicked in.

Left aside for most part of the years, Yahoo Messenger was soon replaced with faster, Android and iOS apps. At present, the most popular ones are Facebook and WhatsApp, which have reported 600 million users and 700 million users, respectively. Yahoo Messenger only has tens of millions of users, but the revamped version could turn the situation in the company’s favor.

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