Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Brings Top Specs at an Affordable Price

Xiaomi Mi-Pad-2While the first tablet made by Xiaomi did not create the waves the organization was expecting, its second 8” device, the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2, may generate a positive change this time. Like the rest of its items, Xiaomi is promoting the new product at an extremely low cost, which translates in roughly $150. Along with its Note 3, the tablet goes for selling on Nov 27 at the Chinese suppliers.

While the Pad 2 was made as a regular Android product, Xiaomi also informed the users about the Windows 10 edition that will be released next month. This is because, replacing the Nvidia K1 processor that operated the previous Mi Pad, now the Pad 2 uses the quad-core Atom Z8500 chip, which allows the device to work with Microsoft’s latest OS.

But, the Chinese producer did not present any additional components to it, like a stylus pen or keyboard, to use that tablet with the mobile version of Windows 10. As many other Xiaomi mobile phones and the past tablet model, its Pad 2 will probably be officially available only in China and the rest of Asia. Fortunately for Xiaomi lovers overseas, third party Internet merchants will likely import the tablet, and if people are wishing for a low priced new product, they have to check out their sites regularly.

With the plastic back case, the previous Mi Pad seemed like a combination between Apple’s iPad and iPhone 5C. So, it is not a surprise that the new Mi Pad and its complete metallic body are modeled after an iPad Air. Despite its low price, the Pad 2, which was tested by multiple tech experts, has a construction that seems similar to Apple’s top quality products.

Xiaomi Mi Pad is a little wider, at almost 7 millimeters, than an iPad Air or an iPad Mini, which both had a slim design for a tablet and the Chinese tablet is extremely usable even by children. The rounded sides do not cut into the hands when you handle the product, and the manufacturer says that the device is intended to withstand random clicks of the Menu, Home or Back control keys, especially for landscape mode.

Below the screen, you will see a Type-C slot, making this tablet one of these scarcely available gadgets to have the new plug in option. This could actually represent a small problem though, since many users will not be allowed to power the device with the commonly offered micro-USB wires. Luckily, the multitude of affordable adaptors sold online will solve this problem, without having to spend too much money on other accessories.

Image source: Xiaomiupdate