World’s Heaviest Woman Gets Transported to UAE for Further Treatment

Abu Dhabi

World’s heaviest woman enters the next stage of her treatment

After receiving surgery, Eman Abdul Atti, the world’s heaviest woman, is bound to continue her treatment in Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi, UAE. After 83 days spent in Saifee Hospital from Mumbai, India, she went on to the next step towards her recovery.

Special conditions were taken to transport the patient from one hospital to the other

The Indian doctors prepared all the necessary conditions for Eman’s safe departure. Together with Mumbai Police, they created a special corridor from the hospital to the airport, spreading over 12 kilometers. Such corridors are usually created when organ transplants are transported.

The doctors also made sure that Eman’s condition is stable and that she is able to go on such a journey. They informed the officials from Burjeel Hospital on all they need to prepare for the arrival of such a sensitive patient. They embarked her on an Egypt Air cargo flight and brought her to the new treatment site safe.

Burjeel Hospital prepared special conditions for the patient. They chose a spacious and quiet room suitable for someone who is going to spend the next months into hospital. Also, they widened the door, so that they could easily transport the patient in and out of the room. Eman will be isolated from other patients, as her condition is still fragile and she should not come into contact with any viruses or germs.

The condition of world’s heaviest woman improved since the surgery

In February, Eman underwent bariatric surgery to reduce her stomach. This happened after 25 years of being confined to her home and then suffering a stroke. She cannot speak and suffered some partial paralysis, but her condition greatly improved.

The Indian doctors who performed the surgery declared that she had lost 323 kilograms, and currently weighs 176 kilograms. However, the new doctors will perform more check-ups and also verify her weight.

The journey toward weight loss is hard, but Eman’s condition has greatly improved since the surgery. She still has to undergo a lot of treatment, but doctors are optimistic.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons