World Record Set For Fastest Man On An Electric Skateboard

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World Record Set For Fastest Man On An Electric Skateboard

If anyone has ever tried to ride a skateboard, they would know exactly how difficult it is. After a little while, keeping the right position becomes crucial to… not breaking your arm or injuring yourself when you fall off. However, some surpass those limits, taking challenges that few people would.

One of them is Mischo Erban, 32-year-old daredevil, who just set the Guinness World Record for the fastest speed achieved on an electric skateboard. To do so, Erban rode the fragile-looking vehicle down a runway at the Portoroz airport in Slovenia. He had 100 meters to reach top speed, and he sure achieved it.

Powered by the engineering marvel of the electric board, Erban blurred past at 59.55 miles per hour (95.83 kilometers per hour). That’s enough to get fine on public streets, and he didn’t even have the strength and security of a car to help all. All the daredevil had was a helmet and leather equipment to stop a potential violent fall. And, perhaps, to no one’s surprise, he did fall.

On the first attempt, Erban fell rather violently from the board, sliding across the rough pavement for quite a few yards. His stomach rubbed against the ground, and the electric board flew into the grass around the runway. Thankfully, both the daredevil and his board were okay. In fact, they were intact enough to give it another go.

According to Erban, he is “attracted to speed” and has “learned to master danger”. That’s essentially what one would want from a daredevil. He proved it in the past, by setting another record. Back in 2012, Erban set the Guinness World Record for the fastest skateboard ride going downhill, at an incredible 80.74 miles per hour. It should be emphasized again that it was on a slightly skewed road, which not only aided him in gaining more speed, but it also placed him at greater risk.

It’s hard enough to keep your balance at a decent pace on a skateboard. Not to mention racing down a hill and speed that will certainly get you the attention of a police officer.

According to Craig Glenday, who is the editor-in-chief for Guinness World Records, this is a “truly incredible feat”. It’s an achievement that amazes not only through the man’s daring gesture, but one that celebrates engineering ingenuity as well. Both extreme sports and technology made a major leap, simply by showing that such a thing is possible. However, one shouldn’t expect people on electric skateboards blurring around on the streets.

At least, one can only hope.

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