Woman Lied About Daughter Having Cancer

woman that lied about daughter's cancer

Image courtesy of Enid Police Department via KFor.

Jessica Lynn Good, a 32 years old woman from Oklahoma, lied about her daughter having cancer in order to raise money for her own benefit. The woman is momentarily being prosecuted, and the child will receive counseling.

For years Good told her congregation that her daughter, which will only be referred as KG, was suffering from an invasive form of cancer. However, the diagnosis was only given by the money-hungry mother, as there was no medical evidence to support her claims.

Alan Seibel, the associate pastor of the Oakwood Christian Church, started suspecting that there is something wrong with Good’s story after he detected some inconsistencies. After realizing that the woman might be lying about her daughter’s terminal disease, Seibel contacted the local authorities and asked them to investigate.

According to Jack Morris, Captain of the Enid Police Department:

“We were unable to obtain medical records and we found that this child has never seen a doctor in reference to cancer or any type of tumor ever went into remission.”

Enid woman charged after prosecutors say she faked daughter’s cancer. https://t.co/8Fg7EMTWX0 pic.twitter.com/wV80mAkjqD

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The woman told the church that her daughter suffered severe seizures, had terminal cancer, was waiting for a heart transplant, and was undergoing stem cell research. These tear-jerking statements made her church fellows feel sorry for the infant, many of them contributing to the supposedly enormous medical bills that the family was struggling with.

It seems that the mother received more than $12,000 alone at one of the many fundraisers held by the community for the sick four years old.

“She just comes up giving me those sob stories about how bad she is and all of this other stuff. Then just recently just hit me up on Facebook saying she was on her last leg. The doctors say there was nothing else they could do for her.”

One the police got involved and started questioning the struggling mother; she admitted that the entire illness of her daughter was an elaborate scheme to convince people to donate money.

Unfortunately, all of Good’s other children are convinced that their sister is indeed terminally ill and that they are going to lose their sister if people stop contributing to her medical bills.

Doctors believe that the woman might be suffering from proxy Munchausen syndrome. The disease makes people lie about their children’s health in order to receive attention or material goods.