Autistic Woman Held Captive In Amite

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A 22-year-old autistic woman held captive in a cage in Amite, Louisiana was freed by Sheriff Daniel Edwards.

A 22-year-old autistic woman held captive in a cage in Amite, Louisiana was freed by Sheriff Daniel Edwards. The victim was kept in a cage and forced to perform sexual acts. The five culprits who were later arrested, made death threats to the woman if she attempted to leave. And they would lock her in a caged area. The five criminals held in custody are Jody Lambert (21), Bridget Lambert (19), Taylor Knope (18), Terry Knope (43) and Rayline Knope (40).

The sheriff described the details of the woman’s ordeal. She was forced to live in a 6-by-8 dog kennel without electricity or water. There was a bucket used as a toilet and a small food bowl. Living in these conditions is unacceptable anywhere, but for America this is unimaginable – Sheriff Edwards believes.

After receiving a tip, deputies were shocked to find the victim in the backyard of a house on Rushing Lane, Amite.  The 22-year-old woman was covered in insect bytes and looked malnourished. Sheriff Edwards said she had the cognitive abilities of a child.

Now, the five culprits face charges of cruelty towards the invalid and human trafficking. They are also accused of conspiring to force the victim into prostitution. There is now evidence suggesting that the captors obliged her into sexual activities with other people, and they planned to bring her to a location for performing sexual acts on large groups of people, in exchange for money.

The victim had been living in the cage ever since October, last year. She is now under medical supervision and hopefully on the road to health.

The trauma she went through cannot be described and the sheriff asked for people to hold her in their prayers and thoughts. Four children from the same home were placed into social care by the state. The sheriff confirmed that the victim knew the suspects.

The autistic woman, whose mother had died, was locked in the confined space to keep her from wandering off at night.

On June,30th, investigators executed a search at a house on Rushing Lane in Amite, after receiving an anonymous complaint that a woman was being held captive in a cage on the premises.

Image Source – The Cook Hotel


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