Windows 10 Releases Update List For The Creators Build 14971

windows creators build 14971 update

Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Creators build 14971 list of updates and system fixes.

Microsoft has recently announced and released the preview for its Windows 10 Creators build 14971 list of updates and system improvements and fixes.

The Creators build 14971 is available only to computers and devices running Windows 10 and has both new, interesting features and some issues.

As next year’s Windows 10 Creators OS update should make the system more stable, this marks the third build to be released before the important update.

The Creators build 14971 will be offering a series of new options and adding features to the system’s programs such as Microsoft Edge and the Paint app.

The classical Paint app that has and will still continue to feature a widespread usage will be getting a boost in performance and features.

As technology evolved, so dis Paint with the introduction of the Paint 3D separate app, which had to be downloaded from the Windows Store.

With the new build, the Paint 3D will be automatically incorporated in Windows 10 and ready to use at any time, without further downloads.

However, this will also mark the disappearance of the old-school and highly used classical Paint app as a click on the icon will now lead to Paint 3D.

As the app is currently available only in English, developers have announced that new languages will be added soon.

Microsoft Edge, the successor of the Internet Explorer browser will also be getting a new utilization besides it web browsing options.

The browser will now feature the option of turning into an EPUB Reader for all the interested users. Microsoft Edge already had a similar reading function, but it was limited to PDF format files.

With the new Windows 10 Creators build 14971, the Microsoft Edge users will be able to read any Ebook as long as it is in an unprotected EPUB format.

Users will be offered a series of features typical to any EPUB reader, options such as text and font size. Edge will also have three reading themes, so as to protect its reader’s eyes, light, dark, and sepia.

Other reader-like features will be the ability to bookmark pages, which will be open for future navigations.

The reader will also beneficiate from a seek bar and a table of contents tab, which will both be located at the bottom of the Edge browser.

Amongst the most useful changes, as opposed to the classical readers, will probably be the fact that Cortana will now be able to define the words that the user does not know.

Another change to the Microsoft Edge will be the complete removal of the snooze tab option. The snooze feature is said to have garnered unfavorable feedback from the users.

The Get Office Beta app will also be updated in the Creators Build 14971 as it will its current limited links and video utilization.

Following the build, users will be able to access and enjoy the various Office 365 subscribed user features. They will also be able to save files to the OneDrive.

Image Source: Flickr