Want to Start Fresh with Windows 10? Try this Anti-Bloatware Tool

Windows 10 wallpaperMicrosoft has recently invited all Windows 10 users with an operating system throttled down by heaps of bloatware, or junk apps that eat up precious processing power, to try out its Start Fresh tool.

The tool allows users to reinstall a clean version of Windows 10 on their computers and mobile devices without the need of hunting down unnecessary apps and processes. Until recently, Windows 10 could only be refreshed if users had extensive knowledge and patience to find the bloatware and shut it down.

Microsoft promises that any user can now reinstall their operating system from scratch with the new tool. In a recent blog post a Microsoft representative acknowledged that the company received many reports from users who had tried to perform a clean installation on their systems but failed.

The tool, which is designed to remove all apps on a PC and place a “clean copy” of Windows 10, can be accessed from the Settings app. The option is available only for users who joined the Windows Insider program and have the preview build 14342 or later. The program is designed to give registered users an exclusive view of OS updates before these updates are released to the general public.

But the new tool has some limitations. So arm yourself with patience as the 3-Gb copy of Windows you’ll need to download will take some time. Plus, the tool is not final yet so expect some bugs and unfortunate incidents to occur.

Microsoft recently said that testing out the new tool “can be risky” like any other previews in the Windows Insider program. So, the company recommends you not to install the tool on a device that you need for business or work. Microsoft also warns of “computer crashes” which may irreversibly damage you precious files or even delete them.

So, it is highly recommended to back those files up before proceeding with the fresh installation.

There’s also the risk that the tool installs an earlier Windows Insider build rather than matching it with your device’s current build. If that happens, the operating system will wipe out all your personal files during the installation.

But these mishaps may be offset by the fact that the Start Fresh tool will wipe all apps and software that don’t belong to Windows 10. So expect all this software including manufacturer drivers and MS Office to vanish after the new installation. Still, experts recommend to back up those drivers just in case the new tool leaves your computer offline for whatever reason.

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