Why Brits Chose To Brexit

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The question on everyone’s minds now is why Brits chose to Brexit.

Chris Bischof is an Anglophile. He became interested in the UK through reading literature. He especially liked Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy. In time, his love of British literature turned into a thirst for knowing the British history. The question on everyone’s minds now is why Brits chose to Brexit.

Bischof, who is a professor at the University of Richmond, saw history happen before his eyes, when the Brexit vote took place, against all odds, taking almost everyone by surprise.

Bischof believes the vote for Brexit cannot be explained solely by using economics. It also has to do with politics and culture as everything is connected.

The assistant history professor at the University of Richmond is going to give a lecture called „Why did Britain vote for Brexit?” on the eighth of August, at the Jefferson Hotel.

The hour-long speech has the support of Richmond World Affairs Council. The UK voted to get out of the EU in June. The vote sparked controversy during the following period. Prime Minister Cameron resigned from office.

Bischof believes that the failure of the EU institutions all over the UK and Europe is actually a branding failure.  That is, the EU had a story to tell, but it didn’t quite know how to put it in words.

When asked what kind of historical events resulted in the vote for Brexit, Bischof answered that the two main reasons were globalization without limits – which lead to uncontrolled migration and bureaucracy – which has come to characterize the EU construction.

As the foreign-born population in the UK reached an all-time high, there was a backlash of public support for the EU. Even though the UK itself was a nation of immigrants throughout history, immigrants have started to be regarded as way too many.

Another interesting point made by Prof. Bischof was that with the referendum, Britain looked itself in the mirror and decided it did not like what it saw. The UK economy is closely linked to Europe’s, especially when it comes to the financial sector. But the financial sector in London also has ties to Wall Street. So, for now, Americans should care about the Brexit because international liquidity depends on not just Wall Street, but London as well.

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