WhatsApp Improves Its File Sharing Capabilities

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WhatsApp changed its file sharing features, making them more permissive

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging platforms around the globe, having millions of users. Therefore, it is essential that it should roll out updates periodically and make the system more user-friendly. This time, WhatsApp made some changes on how the app works, and improved its file sharing capabilities.

File sharing on WhatsApp is now easier and more permissive

WhatsApp realized how important file sharing options are for their users, to it decided to refine them and offer plenty of possibilities. This is why the update will make it possible for you to share mostly any type of file format.

Previously, the app was limited to formats compatible with the mobile version, and to those which could be recognized by it. The only exception was made up of third-party apps. Now, there is almost no restriction on the format, and the size limit increased greatly.

Therefore, with the update, you can now share files as big as 100 MB. This is more than enough even for big documents, and should serve you right with any files you might want to share over a mobile messaging platform.

Share more photos at the original resolution

Also, file sharing becomes easier when it comes to photos as well. For instance, if you want to share more than five images, the app will automatically arrange them into a gallery. This will allow the window to be less crowded, as the thumbnail will display only the first three photos. To see the others, you have to tap on them and start swiping.

Apart from arranging photos neatly, other image features will get significantly better. The quality of the photos will no longer be damaged. A higher resolution doesn’t affect sharing speed anymore, so WhatsApp will keep the original quality.

The update is to arrive soon, on both iOS and Android. You can still wait for it to roll out on your phone or, if it doesn’t get there too quickly, you can download and install it manually from the App Store or Google Play.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons