What’s Up With WhatsApp?

whatsappWhat’s up with WhatsApp? These days, WhatsApp’s co-founders presented several aspects regarding their messaging platform during a brief press conference at a DLD meeting held in Germany. Here are the main points of information, with some of them aiming to change the online chatting systems.

WhatsApp is very close of attaining 1 billion users, since the current number of people using its services is 990 million, according to the company’s reports. They hoped to have another 10 million before the end of 2015, but this was an impossible task.

The organization has formerly said that it was increasing with around one million customers every day. WhatsApp is offering for free all these services, getting rid of its 99 cent registration that it used on certain people after one year of use.

We have to observe that WhatsApp did not make tons of money with this paid subscription, only approximately $20 million over one year to cover their expenses. Up until last year, when Facebook purchased WhatsApp for a whopping transaction of $19 billion, the messaging service was only asking for this fee in some nations like the US and UK.

There, most clients had bank cards so they were willing to pay their acquisitions on their cell phones without any additional charges to these transactions. In other countries, WhatsApp decreased the fees, because while a large percentage of people used the application, mobile expenses were still unusual.

Now that the service has all these costs covered with more services due to Facebook’s financial power, and it is able to remove the registration fee. Since its purchase by Facebook, the messaging app has deflected the numerous questions about needing the $19 billion transaction by making even more money, stating that it had to concentrate on improving its customers’ experience.

During the preliminary discussions, Zuckerberg had informed WhatsApp’s creators that he would give them a possibility to focus only on development alone during the first months under Facebook’s leadership.

But this was a long time ago and today it is ready to reach 1 billion customers, which is equal to 1/7 of the planet’s population). The app is lastly welcoming companies onto the system and will possibly test new means of charging its many users.

The companies on Facebook’s platform represented the key to WhatsApp’s official statement nowadays, and they marked the information with a unique post. Companies have been assaulting WhatsApp with e-mailed questions about how they can connect to the system for a while, but the app ignored these concerns, according to people within the organization.

Image source: Whatsapp