What Can We Expect From Apple in 2016?

apple devicesWhat can we expect from Apple in 2016? The American manufacturer spent this year releasing new devices and solutions for its extremely large fan base, so 2016 will be about improving its current products. The organization wants to improve every facet of their life, regardless if they own an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or MacBook.

These gadgets progressively work together like a series of items meant to keep the user integrated into Apple’s vast ecosystem. People will not see too new promotions during next year. Instead, they can expect from Apple to enhance its collection with simple developments. The exception is the next iPhone, which may see a change in its design and software.

Below are some elements that we could experience in 2016. The market just saw the “S” trend, so 2016 may indicate the release of a remodeled iPhone. The phone’s main expected element continues to be a better battery and the 6S model did not provide a longer lifespan, even if Apple’s latest Battery Case represents a bumpy way to deal with that problem.

Another probability for what is predicted to contain an iPhone 7 may be the elimination of its home button and that would allow the company to develop a larger screen into a compact device. The new smart phone should be slimmer and less heavy. In addition, it is rumored that a new Lightning may function as a universal slot for the cable and earphone plug.

The device may also become water resistant, something that has been presented in competing gadgets, such as Samsung’s Galaxy models. Reports talk about a remodeled 4” iPhone to satisfy those clients who did not enjoy a 4.7” iPhone 6S or the massive 5.5” 6S Plus. Now, it would be logical to remove the mature 5S version and this would make Apple’s series a lot better, according to tech experts.

The company’s first wearable item, its famous Apple Watch, was released in Apr at costs varying between $350 and a whopping $17,000 price tag for the gold models. While the organization has not announced how many units have been sold in 2015, some sources place it in the second place behind Fitbit.

This is not significant information seeing how many customers are still considering other options or are just not aware of smart watches. A few months ago, Apple modified its wearable software in order to allow applications to function on this watch instead of being iPhone additions. The company will force app designers next year to develop better and more useful applications for its gadget.

Image source: Angelpub