Waze Will Alert You of Excessive Driving Speed

Waze has recently integrated a new function for their app

Waze has recently integrated a new function for their app

If you’re worried about passing the speed limit on unknown streets, Waze now has your back. The app has integrated a useful tool that can help drivers make sure they are staying within legal margins. It could be incredibly beneficial for those venturing through unfamiliar roads.

Some drivers, as they are travelling through new streets, become too busy watching where they’re going to notice street signs. It’s easy to overpass the legal limits in certain locations, and there are quite a few apps that would help them. Waze is one among the many, but it’s also owned by Google, so it should say something about its reliability. Using Google Maps wouldn’t be bad either.

The app started rolling out an alert feature for speed limits, besides its already existing tools. This includes calendar integration and alerts for drivers with planned departures. In addition, it has the ability of warning people where police men are station along the streets ahead. It offers a good warning, fast service, and potentially crucial information about impending road hazards. Users can share information among each other in order to travel efficiently and safely.

Waze has now become a little better. The service included customizable alerts for drivers who want to know if they’re touching the speeding limit or surpassing it. It may blast off automatically, or it can remain quietly in the corner of the app until the driver returns to the legal speeding limit. Users can choose when Waze starts scolding them about their driving.

For example, the app can tell them when they are travelling 5%, 10%, or 15% above the limit. Any more and any driver should likely be able to tell by the cars around them that they’re being a little excessive with the speed. So, if your foot is a little too heavy on the pedal, the Waze speedometer will appear on your mobile screen. The notifications can be customized as well.

As to how the app ascertains the driver’s speed is unsure yet. There are a number of ways, but Waze stated they have tapped into volunteer community to input or verify these limits. Furthermore, the app could also be making use of GPS to understand its location and how fast the driver is going compared to others around him. It draws a comparison and can make a pretty good guess on what’s the average speed limit in the area.

Taking each street in part would be problematic, considering there are millions of them. So, perhaps the app’s system is an easier way to garner the legal limit of each road. And then make sure they’re letting you know you’re envisioning yourself in Need for Speed.

Image source: androidauthority.net