Vive Headseat Will Get A New Use After HTC-Alibaba Partnership

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The VR Vive headset will get a new use after HTC has partnered up with Alibaba.

The VR Vive headset will get a new use after HTC has partnered up with Alibaba and will offer both a wireless Vive product and an easier access to online stores.

As advanced, futuristic technologies have started becoming increasingly more common in our day-to-day devices and products.

With artificial intelligence chabots being used in mobile apps, virtual reality (VR) seems to be amongst the latest domains to be broached by developers as better VR headsets are hitting the market.

HTC’s Vive headset is amongst the latest such products as its newest product also promises its users the ability to go fully wireless.

The company announced that by using the new add-on, the Vive headset will be enabled to work even after being disconnected from the gaming PC which powers it.

As the user will go wireless and have to stop worrying about getting tangled up in cables, the Vive headset should offer the chance for a full experience in the virtual world pixelated alternative reality.

The separation between the headset and the laptop or PC powering it was attained through the use of the wireless add-on produced by the TPCAST and which will ensure its usage for about 1 – 1 and a half hours.

TPCAST is amongst the startups to join the Vive X, the virtual reality accelerator initiated this summer by HTC.

Reports state that the startup is planning on developing a longer lasting battery whose position will be interchangeable as its user will not be forced to wear it on the headset.

According to Alvin Graylin, HTC’s Chinese regional president, the wireless Vive headset will not suffer from lags or a noticeable difference in latency, a factor which is crucial to the usage of the VR technology.

The new wireless add-on was put up for pre-order on the Chinses Vive web page and was reported to feature a limited number of products with existing customers beneficiating from a priority.

Another new feature which will be introduced to the Vive Headset is its access to the Alibaba online shop.

According to the aforementioned Graylin, the Vive headset will be the first product of its type to offer its users the chance to shop in an actual virtual store and not just an app or game store.

Alibaba, which could be seen as the Chinese version of Amazon, has partnered up with HTC in their joint mission of developing the Buy+ VR app.

The Buy+ mobile app will be compatible with the VIve which will mean that the user will be able to use the VR headset so as to browse, view and buy products from Alibaba’s online store.

As this will mark the first mixing up of a VR product and an online store, the collaboration may also lead the way to new VR utilizations.

Although the VR existence has been hailed as an impressive technique used by documentaries and games, its niche area of utilization had been raising questions as to its future utility.

Image Source: Wikimedia