Scientists Have Confirmed – Vaping Is Not Dangerous


Scientists have found out that vaping is not harmful and can be effective for those who want to quit smoking

After many intense debates on the safety of vaping and its effects to our health, the experts have finally decided. After a long-term study on the effects vaping has on former smokers, they have given their approval and have dubbed this method not dangerous.

The results of the study show that, after six months from giving up cigarettes, people have significantly fewer toxins and substances that cause cancer in their bodies, as compared to continual smokers. After analyzing samples of urine and saliva, they found that nicotine patches are also way safer than any products that contain tobacco.

Researchers hope that these results would reassure e-cigarette users of their safety and would encourage people who want to give up smoking to continue in their endeavor and help them not get confused by the variety of messages regarding e-cigarettes.

Older studies showed that vaping could be as dangerous as smoking, but the real world evidence proves these studies wrong.

Also, the new study shows that it is mandatory for people to give up smoking completely and switch only to electronic replacements and NRT (nicotine replacement therapy). Those who were not consistent in their cut on tobacco still had big amounts of toxins in their urine and saliva.

Dr. Lion Shahab, professor at the University College in London, is the lead author of the study. He said that their study added up to previous research that showed that e-cigarettes and NRT were significantly safer than real cigarettes and that their prolonged use was not harmful.

Also, they have discovered that the amount of nicotine in e-cigarettes was not much different from that found in tobacco cigarettes. Thus, they are an efficient method to stop people from smoking by satisfying their cravings in a safe way.

The scientists were funded by the Cancer Research to perform studies on 181 people who either vaped or used nicotine patches for six months. Some of them kept smoking while using e-cigarettes or NRT. They discovered that the toxin levels in people who stopped smoking completely was 97 percent lower.

However, there was a really small difference in toxin levels between those who smoked both real cigarettes and e-cigarettes and those who smoked tobacco cigarettes exclusively.

Therefore, scientists have confirmed. Vaping is not harmful and can be an effective way for you to give up smoking completely. However, you have to be drastic and stick only to replacement methods.
Image Source: Flickr