Valve Releases Three Full VR Games

Gabe Newell

Valve announced their release of three full-fledged VR games

Gabe Newell, the CEO and founder of Valve, announced that they were currently working on three full virtual reality games. He insisted on the fact that they were full games and not demos or prototypes.

For these games to work, Valve also developed a VR set called HTC Vive. The headset was created in collaboration with the huge tech company HTC. Vive was released last year, together with a prototype game developed by Valve, namely The Lab.

When talking about virtual reality technology, he stated that gamers might get bored at some point by the classical mouse and keyboard, and VR technology could provide way more interesting experiences that would keep the players constantly active and involved in the game.

However, the development of VR in gaming is not dependent on the hardware, but on a better optimization of games. Developers need to take much bigger steps and create perfect games that can be played outside of a PC.

This might imply creating whole new games. Newell thinks that the presence of VR industry in gaming would not be a success if developers would take already existing games and make them available in virtual reality.

Indeed, the first thing Valve did was to take the games Half Life 2 and Team Fortress and put them in VR. At the time, this was regarded as a huge novelty and the milestone of gaming in VR technology. However, this cannot be captivating for an endless period of time. People want to see something completely new.

Therefore, Newell’s company moved to the simultaneous development of hardware and software. He admitted taking example from Nintendo and was positive that this would allow them to offer much better experiences to their customers.

Regarding the new games, Newell did not disclose so much information. So far, we know that they are working on single-player games which may take place either in the Half Life or Portal universe. However, we cannot tell for sure if the long awaited Half Life 3 will ever launch.

As for the VR set, HTC Vive is supposed to provide one of the highest fidelity experiences on the market. It supports only PC but, pay attention, your PC needs to be quite potent for it to work. The price is quite high, but it is expected to drop some time after the release.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons