UPS Is Expanding Its Atlanta Business And Employee Numbers

ups delivey truck

UPS announced that it will be expanding and modernizing its Atlanta-based regional centers.

UPS announced that it will be expanding Atlanta-based regional centers and investing in a new package sorting hub which will also increase its employee numbers.

According to the United Parcel Service or UPS CEO and chairman, David Abney, the company has been using Atlanta as its main headquarters location at both a national and international level for over 20 years.

The new regional center announcement which came this Thursday has come as an advantage for both the region and the global distributor as it also came as another detail in UPS’s multi-year expansion plans.

UPS has already announced that it plans to expand its worldwide services over a period of a number of years, with some of its already declared steps including the construction of such new facilities.

Another step will be marked by the company’s acquirement of new aircraft, 14 jumbo cargo planes which are expected to have regular daily flights to and from Louisville.

Louisville will be hosting an even larger Centennial package sorting facility as the company initiated back in August the expansion work which is believed will cost about $300 million.

The new Atlanta regional package sorting facility will be situated in Fulton County and should come to be the third largest such hub owned by the global distributor in its United States Network.

The hub will be built on an industrial site pertaining to an economically depressed area of the county  and will span over 341 acres.

According to company estimates, once the new sorting facility is finished, is should open sometime in late 2018 and account for 1,250 new workplaces.

The new Atlanta facility will be over 1.2 million square foot and will house processing, sorting and data capture equipment and technology. It will also feature centers for customer retail and delivery vehicles.

The huge facility will have an hourly capacity of over 100,000 packages which will be transported throughout the hub by more than 15-miles worth of conveyors which will feature highly automated equipment.

Package labels will be read more rapidly with the utility’s six-sided laser decoders which will capture their address label information. The packages will then be transported by high-speed applicators, the UPS Smart Label, which will label 3 packages per second.

These labels will offer instructions to the personnel in terms of loading on delivery vehicles and proper routing.

The delivery vehicle center will have the capacity to dispatch and receive over 280 trucks for area deliveries.

Susan Rosenberg, UPS spokeswoman stated that the global shipment company is looking to both expand and modernize its services.

The modifications brought to its large hubs the likes of Chicago, Louisville, and the future Atlanta one should help define the company’s new approach.

UPS currently has 22,000 part and full-time employees in Louisville, with 26,000 more in Kentucky and another 14,000 spread in various operations over Georgia.

The company’s network planning, technology and product developments, and the various other corporate domains are all based in the Atlanta metro zone.

Image Source: Wikimedia