Our Universe Could Be a Giant Hologram


Astrophysicists discovered that our universe might actually be a huge hologram

A study conducted by several institutions, including University of Waterloo, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Southampton in UK or University of Salento in Italy came to a surprising result that may change the way in which we understood the Big Bang Theory. They found that the universe is a hologram.

Contrary to the expectations, the theory that states the universe is a hologram is not a new one. It was first proposed in 1990s, when a 2D holographic model of the universe was designed. This study can prove that the theory of quantum gravity and quantum mechanics are compatible.

Quantum gravity can be understood by understanding field theory in a lower dimension. In the end, holography just like Rosetta Stone. It can translate between several quantum fields without gravity. It can also explore the blurry domain that involves quantum gravity. Thus, creating a holographic model will enable the understanding of the relation between quantum gravity and the Big Bang Theory.

Kostas Skenderis, Professor of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Southampton, explained the assumption. The universe is just like the holographic code found on credit cards. It is generated from a two-dimensional field, but it is three-dimensional in nature. Therefore, he came to the conclusion that the entire universe was encoded.

The same tools that were used to spot the white noise or microwaves helped in the study, and that is telescopes. Also, the data features in quantum and field theory were compared.

Then, scientists found out that the result can be used to explain every main cosmological event that occurred since the creation of the universe. Thus, they are optimistic that they can use these results to provide a better explanation of the Big Bang Theory.

And this is far from finished. By bringing together the gravity and quantum theory, they can now explain the concepts of time and space.

However, they are quite far away from the optimal explanation. They need to gather and update all the data and put them in the proper order. Yet we are only a few years away from the most comprehensive understanding of the universe that we have ever had.
Image Source: Pexels