Uber Is Luring Engineers With A Short Game

Uber is offering a little coding game to riders

Uber is offering a little coding game to riders

It seems the competition is still fierce out there to find good engineers capable of coding. Uber is putting a bit of a familiar twist to their recruitment process by inserting in a coding game for riders. It’s a system that others, such as Google, has been known to use last summer.

Only last week, Uber put up a bug bounty program where interested ‘hackers’ are challenged to break into their system and find a variety of issues. If they do, they are well reward with sums up to $10,000 for the most critical problems. It’s half a challenge and half a way to see just how secure their system is after several leaks of information.

While testing, though, Uber still seems to be looking for capable engineers, and it’s doing so through every means possible. One of them is a little mobile game called “Code On The Road”. Once the rider uses the Uber services, they are prompted to play the game. It can be ignored if you’re not in the mood to code or don’t know how.

If the rider opts into the game, they will have three coding questions to answer in 60 seconds, and if all are correct, they will be given the choice of getting in touch with Uber. It doesn’t mean they have the job, but they could contact the company to speak of job opportunities.

According to Uber, they are “always” looking for potential candidates to join their team and aid them in solving various issues. Coding is certainly one of them, considering their app is still littered with problems. They are interested in riders who are either interested in pursuing a career as a developer or even coding on the side. As long as they show proof of their skills, the company is reportedly interested in getting in touch.

The fun little game is being used to recruit engineers, though not particular individuals. Joshua Debner, who is an engineer working for Microsoft, recently tweeted about Uber’s offer, questioning on how did the app know he codes. It raised the question if the game pops up to people who are known to be of interest or just randomly.

Uber has replied, stating that while their services are available in approximately 500 cities around the world, “Code On The Road” is not.  However, it’s not targeting individuals either. Instead, the coding game pops up for riders in Seattle, Boston, Denver, and Austin, Texas. That does not mean it doesn’t have a preference.

The company stated that the game is more likely to appear in places where more people work in tech.

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