Twitter’s Disruptions Generated Some Problems Among Its Users

twitter-downTwitter’s disruptions generated some problems among its users. the social platform has encountered some international interruptions this week that stopped many users globally from remaining linked to the platform, or from signing into their online accounts.

The organization said that it was unclear what had triggered these issues, which started in the middle of the night and prevented numerous people from sharing news on their cellular phones, computer systems or other mobile gadgets.

In the morning, the social network said that the interruptions were still happening occasionally in different regions. Twitter refused to say the number of its customers that have been affected and what triggered these disruptions, just that they were working to find a solution.

Although the interruptions were probably the most spread the micro blogging platform has yet experienced, Twitter has not been the only well-known online community to encounter such technological issues.

Facebook, whose customers now are over 1.4 billion globally, has also dealt with a series of problems during last year, though usually the issues have been fixed within hours. Since Twitter is one of the most important news resources, besides being a popular messaging board, these shutdowns represented a major interruption in the international discussions.

When other communication systems and press organizations have previously experienced similar difficulties, users have often addressed to the company to share their disappointment. However, many services were not available because the organization itself represented the reason for this problem.

A hash tag #TwitterDown began to spread on the website when this was operating, as it was on its competitor Facebook, where users lightly mocked Twitter’s interruptions.

Twitter’s technological problems these days are the newest in a sequence of issues for the US social platform, which has experienced increasing user complaints since it was initially attacked more than three years ago.

The company’s inventory, for example, has lost around 1/4 of its overall value in December 2015, among criticisms of how Twitter’s CEOs are leading the organization. That contains tests introducing a longer type of Twitter posts, so this would go away from a simple style that the micro blogging platform was initially established upon.

The officials have also attempted to make the system more open to a larger number of people, a problem that the organization has fought with for many years. Facebook too has seen increasing success for its Internet advertising business structure.

But experts remain doubtful that Tweets could reach its bigger competitor’s achievements by convincing major global companies such as Coca-Cola, General Electric or Ford to spend huge amounts of money on Twitter’s Internet platform.

Image source: Turner