Twitter Now Sends User Alerts About State Sponsored Attacks

twitter user alertsTwitter now sends user alerts about state sponsored attacks, the organization has started informing its members who it considers that are the target of state-sponsored online hackers. This way, they are following the actions of Facebook and Google as various government-hired hackers keep focusing on social networking.

Last week, a number of Twitter users saw alerts from the platform telling them about dubious activities connected to their personal profiles. As a safety measure, Twitter has informed them that it considers these accounts among a small number of profiles that could have been attacked by various state-sponsored agents.

The company’s experts believe that such actions, which were possibly linked to an official authority, may have tried to obtain private information, like personal contact details, IP data and phone numbers, as all the alerts mentioned. Currently, there is no solid that they acquired the clients’ username and passwords, but Twitter is definitely analyzing this possibility.

Mass media identified 12 people who stated to have read this alert, and mentioned that several affected customers are either Internet security scientists or associated in some way with the famous Tor Project. This is an American based organization managing Tor, a specific Web internet browser that allows individuals to surf websites anonymously, in order to avoid eavesdroppers or online limitations.

While some people do not individually work on protection analysis, they are somewhat involved in that group and know or interact with experts who do, and maybe these hackers were focusing on a broader segment of users. Even if last week’s alerts represent a noticeable premiere for Twitter’s activity, Google started informing customers in the same way about dubious actions in 2012, and Facebook followed the same approach last month.

The authorities in the US government have said that their State Division workers had their own Facebook profiles attacked by international online hackers over the course of several weeks, and just discovered them after getting alerts from the website’s protection group.

Anonymous experts of cyber security companies informed mass media some months ago that online attackers working on part of different governmental authorities supposedly made numerous efforts at hacking the public accounts of protections specialists. They temporarily delayed that strategy following the discovery of such efforts by users and press.

Image source: Itproportal