Twitter Introduced A New Element In The Livestream Area

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Twitter has introduced a new element in the livestream area as it will roll out 360-degrees videos.

Twitter has introduced a new element in the livestream area as it is planning to roll out 360-degrees videos that should offer a real life-like broadcast experience.

The livestream area should not come as a surprise. This year has marked some interesting technological advancements. And quite a number of them targeted social media platforms.

Such media areas have seen a remarkable development as many more features were introduced. In order to attract users, social media sites have become more customizable. They are also constantly offering new services and options.

Livestreaming is one such service. Introduced by Facebook, the option had a somewhat slower start. But it has since gone through a boost and is now one of the most used options.

As users can livestream from basically anywhere, its applications are seemingly infinite. Twitter is just the latest to have joined in the ride.

Earlier this month, the micro-blogging platform announced that introduction of a live video feature. This would be available on both iOS and Android app versions.

As the latest contenders in the livestream battle, Twitter has just recently pointed out a new option. The platform, together with Periscope, is planning to roll out Live 360 videos.

The announcement was published in an official Periscope blog post. It was released on December 28. Periscope is a livestreaming-intended app.

It was developed by Joe Bernstein and Kayvon Beykpour. However, it was acquired back in 2015 by Twitter before even being released.

Twitter based its livestream technology on the app. It will probably also be at the base of its new, 360-degree livestreams.

The Live 360 video option was also introduced by Alessandro Sabatelli. He is the Twitter AR and VR Director. Sabatelli also went to offer a few details about the new technology.

Such details were offered in an official Twitter blog post. A video example of the new livestream technology was also offered.

According to Sabatelli, these videos will bear a LIVE 360 badge. This should help indicate their nature to the Twitter user. As such, they can choose to interact with the livestream area. They will be able to change what they see by moving around the video.

The change can be attained by either moving the phone or swiping the screen. As opposed to the available 360-degrees videos, the changes will be made during a livestream.

360-degrees videos are already available on a number of sites. Presently, they are mostly used by media and culture companies and organizations. Such videos can explore the night sky, an Egyptian temple, or perhaps Diagon Alley.

But the latest Twitter announcement could lead to a livestream area evolution. They would be leaving the 360-degrees videos at the user’s wish. As such, more such videos could appear and have infinitely more locations and subjects.

Still, users will have to wait a bit more for such an option. Periscope and Twitter stated that the option is still being tested. More exactly, it has been made available to a selected small group of partners.

Live 360-degrees videos should come to be rolled out more broadly over the following weeks, according to the Periscope blog post.

Following its release, anyone on Twitter and Periscope will be able to enjoy the technology. It should come to offer a more immersive user experience. It will account for an above, below, and behind view in relation to the broadcaster. It could bring a whole new accessibility to the livestream area.

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