Twitter Launches Lite Version of the App

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Twitter launches in a Lite version, with more data optimization

Twitter comes with a new version of the app which brings a better optimization of the data. They hope that Twitter Lite, as it is called, will face a lot of popularity.

You might expect it to resemble other Lite apps belonging to other services. It doesn’t, since it works in a browser, and you do not have to download a special app for it. This means that you have to access to benefit from this new version.

How does the Twitter Lite version work?

Now you may wonder how is this version different from the old one. Twitter revealed that they optimized the data it worked with. Thus, it should take it less time to load, and can function even with a slower internet connection. With this new take, they want to convince more users to try their service. Even if they already have a user base of millions, they want to increase this number.

Using a service through web instead of accessing a direct app might not be so efficient. However, Twitter made this choice to make their service more accessible to anyone. This can function on an older smartphone which has no App Store, and you can use it without a Google account.

This app is also friendly for older smartphones because it comes in less than 1 MB. On Android, it even brings notifications, allows users to access it while offline, and you can even add an icon as a home screen app.

Twitter is trying to attract new users

Twitter’s attempt to gather more users is understandable. Its entire user base is of about 319 million, compared to Facebook which has 200 people who use only the Lite version. The full-fledged version gathered more than 1.8 billion people. While it might be popular in other countries, Twitter barely succeeded in attracting people from India towards their service.

Actually, less than 20 percent of Indian people who use social media apps are Twitter users. Thus, they are now targeting the country and trying to popularize their service there. They announced that they had started a collaboration with Vodafone to promote their app in India.

Twitter Lite is the social media service’s way to keep people up to date no matter where they are. They want to bring notifications in real time and keep people connected to everything that happens in the world.
Image Source: Pixabay