Twitter Will Have A New Head Of Products And App Developer

twitter's new head of products

Twitter will have a new Head of Products along with their acquisition of the app developer Yes Inc.

Twitter will have a new Head of Products as their acquisition of the app developer Yes Inc will also be bringing along its founder and chief, Keith Coleman.

Twitter is by far one of the most known apps and websites. With the microblogging platform being an almost instant success following its release, its latest fame is quite infamous.

The platform has been recently making headlines due to its financial issues. These same problems contributed to its closing of one of its other famous products, Vine.

Vine was a 6-seconds video platform which was closed earlier last month in an effort to cut back costs. As the both the platform and its mother company were reportedly looking for a takeover, Twitter has just announced a new acquisition.

Earlier this week, the aforementioned Coleman took to the Yes Inc website to officially announce the news.

Coleman confirmed the fact that Yes Inc will be joining Twitter as the full staff team of the company will be joining the microblogging platform.

Keith Coleman himself will become the Twitter Head of Products as he will be the fourth product VP since the company was listed in late 2013.

The Head of Products position had been open ever since Kevin Weil, its former occupant, left the company in January this year.

One of the main issues to be brought up when talking about Twitter’s slow downfall was its lack or slow release of new products.

As such, a new products VP may hopefully bring a fresh start and invigorate the platform as Coleman is not a beginner in the area.

Before founding Yes Inc, he was part of other important start-ups including big names the likes of Google.

According to statements, Coleman worked as part of the Gmail, Gchat, and Inbox services provided by the Alphabet owned company.

Yes Inc is an accomplishment in itself. The two years old start-up company was specialized in the design and development of new apps.

The company portfolio includes apps such as WYD or Frenzy, mostly social media apps which helped connect people far away and dear people.

Following rumors about the new position, Coleman and the Yes Inc took to the company’s website to release a few statements.

Besides confirming the new positions and Twitter connection, the team also announced and confirmed that its own platform products will be closing down.

Although the team expressed its regret at having to shut down its apps, they motivated their decision by stating their wish to concentrate on the new venture.

The statement pointed out that the Yes Inc will be using its mixed previous experience in products the likes of Android, Gmail, or PayPal so as to help advance Twitter.

Keith Coleman also announced that he will be starting his new Head of Products role starting with Monday. The role has had its last temporary replacement leave in June following the departure of Jeff Seibert.

Adam Messinger also took to Twitter to confirm the news and to congratulate the Yes Inc team and Keith Coleman for their new position.

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