Twitch Introduces the Social Feature Pulse

Twitch and Amazon

Twitch introduces Pulse, a social feed inspired from Facebook and Twitter

Twitch, the livestream video service powered by Amazon, has just introduced Pulse, a new option that improves the social features of the website. Thus, streamers will be able to stay in touch with their followers by posting text, photos, videos, and more.

Pulse looks and works like a mix of Facebook and Twitter. Streamers can post about their upcoming livestreams and keep their followers up to date, but they can also share links from other platforms, such as Imgur, YouTube, Vimeo, Gyfcat, or more.

The addition of Pulse is a big step made by Amazon, as it helps the streaming service distance itself from Facebook and Twitter and become independent. Streamers used to resort to these two main platforms to keep their followers informed, but now they no longer need a different social feed for this.

Twitch announced that Pulse has several in which streamers can keep followers engaged. For instance, if some fans have not been able to watch every livestream, users can share videos of big moments in their gameplays that are available for everybody to see anytime.

Also, any post that appears on your Channel Feed will also be published on the front page of Pulse. Thus, it will be easier to interact with your viewers and followers, but what is more important is the fact that those who cannot be up to date to everything you share can find all the posts anytime on Pulse.

The Channel Feed option will start running automatically sometime in mid-March. Pulse has actually started rolling, and all those who log in on Twitch today should be able to see it on the front page. However, the final version should appear in a few weeks.

Also, you will be able to use Pulse anytime and anywhere immediately after it becomes available on the mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Pulse now makes it easier for everybody to see what you post and comment on it. Are you worried that it will be difficult to deal with those who might not say nice things? You can avoid unpleasant situations, since streamers can manage the comment sections on their posts on Pulse. You can delete comments and even decide who can interact with your posts.

We could not say how welcome Pulse will be by Twitch users, but it has a great potential of easing the interaction between the streamers with many followers with their fans.
Image Source: Flickr