Trump’s Views On Gun Rights Changed Dramatically

Donald Trump speaking at a rally

Before running for president, Donald Trump had different views on gun rights.

The GOP candidate has changed his mind on how to attract minority voters quite often. First, he talked about a wall between the US and Mexico that would keep immigration in check and then explained that he’s only opposing the flux of illegal immigrants. The same tactic was used when it came to gun rights.

In the beginning, before the influential businessman was elected the official Republican presidential candidate, he supported the ban on assault rifles, gun rights regulations, the limitation of guns in classrooms, and other prevention strategies for gun violence.

However, things changed in the months that led to the July Republican National Convention. During his acceptance speech, Donald Trump declared in front of a national audience that he “alone can fix it,” referring to the gun problem that the US is dealing with at the moment.

He went from advocating gun limitation to supporting extreme gun rights, managing to anger even the members of the National Rifle Association who started to regret the endorsement of the GOP member’s candidacy.

After the Orlando incident, the Republican nominee declared that the shooter problem could have been better handled if patrons were allowed to bring loaded guns in clubs.

According to a statement that the politician and businessman made to a French magazine, he now carries a weapon at all times as a measure of prevention. The man also promised to eliminate most regulations for ammunition and guns. These actions include assault-rifle sale monitoring, even those who were used in mass shootings or the murder of police officers.

The GOP presidential candidate is also suggesting the implementation of a right-to-carry permit. This will allow gun owners to carry and conceal their weapon anywhere on the territory of the United States. The consequences of such a decision would be the impossibility of cities like Illinois or Chicago to create their own laws when it comes to gun regulations.

Currently, the gun problem in Chicago is becoming increasingly concerning seeing as the rate of shootings spiked with over 88 percent in the first trimester of 2016 alone.

Furthermore, Trump is proposing the eradication of gun-free areas.

“I will get rid of gun-free zones on schools.”

He even made sure that he has suitable candidates for the Supreme Court that will see his policies implemented.

Image source: Wikipedia