Trump Lashes Out at Hispanic GOP Governor over her Bad Policies

'Donald Trump'

Donald Trump criticized New Mexico governor Susana Martinez for not doing her job.

The presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump harshly criticized the Hispanic Governor of New Mexico Susana Martinez for the so-called bad political decisions she has taken while in the gubernatorial seat. The criticism was delivered last night in Albuquerque during an hour-long fiery speech.

The governor of the most Hispanic U.S. state was not present at the rally.

Trump blasted Gov. Martinez for being responsible for the state’s growing economic troubles, for the incredible number of food stamp recipients, and for the way she is handling the Syrian crisis.

The businessman-turned-politician even suggested that it would be a good idea for him to run for governor in the state and fix things up. He also told the audience that the Governor ought to do a better job but she doesn’t.

“We’ve got to get her moving. Come on: Let’s go, governor,”

Trump also told supporters.

Martinez’s office replied in a sharp note by saying that the Governor has been in the office since 2011, not 2000, she has pushed for a welfare reform, and is opposing the White House’s refugee program.

A spokesperson noted that Trump’s criticism wasn’t about policies, but about politics. He also said that Martinez won’t be bullied into supporting Trump and she doesn’t care about his “pot shots” as she cares about how he would help her state.

“She didn’t hear anything about that today,”

the spokesperson added.

Yet, this is not the first time Trump attacks fellow GOP members. During the presidential race, he lashed out at Scott Walker and Nikki Haley as well. But it is highly unusual for a candidate who is waiting for party nomination to resort to such schemes. In Martinez’ case, the things are all the more problematic since she is the head of the Republican Governors Association, and the party’s most important Hispanic.

Analysts believe that after Albuquerque Trump might have just alienated what’s left of the conservative Latino supporters in his party. These supporters embrace his general line of thought but already have a hard time in accepting a Mexican border wall or the assumption that all Hispanics are criminals.

And Trump’s hollow criticism of Martinez may further alienate female voters too, who had to put up with his misogynistic remarks for quite some time now. He recently criticized Hillary Clinton for her high-pitched voice and called her ‘low-life.’ He also laughed at U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s concerns over the Indian American heritage and called her ‘Pocahontas.’ And the list could go on.

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