Donald Trump Asked Brooke Shields Out Once

Brooke Shields

The popular host of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen, has the habit of obtaining details about United States president Donald Trump’s wild years, from when he was a bachelor. He has been asking the most prominent Hollywood female personalities about their encounters with the former businessman and the answers haven’t been disappointing the audience.

For example, just last month, Cohen managed to find out from Candice Bergen that the two had gone on a blind date while both her and the now-president were still in college. So, on Tuesday, the host repeated this strategy, but this time it was Brooke Shields who was asked about her encounters with Trump.

Trump asked Brooke Shields out

Firstly, the host showed Shields an old photo of her and Donald Trump. After that moment, the actress began remembering that one time when the president of the United States tried to sweep her off her feet. According to her, Trump asked her out back in 1999, immediately after he divorced Maria Maples. Shields, who is now 52-years old and looks extraordinary, remembered that he called her.

She was surprised to hear his voice when she answered the phone. It seems like the former businessman turned president was very convinced of the fact that the American people would love them as a couple. He reportedly said that they should date because she is very popular and he is the richest man in the country.

However, the actress denied the offer that sounded more like a PR stunt, mainly because she had a boyfriend at the time. She also didn’t really like Trump. Shields reportedly told the president that her the-boyfriend wouldn’t be too happy about this and she politely refused the offer. So, it seems like the president tried to woo a lot of leading ladies, in the hope that they would make him more popular.

Image source: aceshowbiz