Trump Blames Tough Gun Laws for Paris Terrorist Attacks

"Donald Trump wearing his campaign hat"

Donalt Trump’s motto for the presidential campaign: “Make America great again”.

During his recent presidential debate, Donald Trump has tackled France’s state of emergency to further discuss immigration laws. Judging by his declarations, Donald Trump blames tough gun laws for Paris terrorist attacks.

Donald Trump does not shy away from freely expressing his opinions on the main subjects of his agenda, no matter how much discontent they might trigger. During his recent rally in Beaumont, Texas, the presidential candidate also tackled the Paris terrorist attacks.

In Trump’s opinion, these terrorist attacks were made possible because gun laws are incredibly tough in France. He is convinced that the situation would have been a lot different, if French people were allowed to carry guns at their free will.

The crowd deliriously approved to every declaration that the political candidate made on Saturday. Whether it was the praising he got or simply one of his political strategies, Trump insisted on portraying himself as the ideal commander-in-chief in the fight against ISIS and other terrorist groups. The Republican believes his manners would completely scare terrorists, who would simply give up because Trump is “crazy”.

The Presidential candidate seems to forget that loose gun laws on the territory of the United States did not make any difference whatsoever during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. On the contrary, many university students and professors have died in the past months as a result of mass shootings. Should we to strike balance, we would see that the death toll of U.S. mass shootings equals the 129 death cases occurring in Paris terrorist attacks.

In the end of the rally, Trump directed his attention to his political adversaries. He told the crowd that he expects Senator Rand Paul to quit the presidential race any time soon. Donald Trump used the occasion of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris to show electors that strict immigrant rules are necessary for the United States.

He criticized Ben Carson and Senator Marco Rubio because they are too “soft” with immigrants. In his opinion, the United States should have taken Iraqi’s oil fields and use the profits to help veterans and their families. The latter have been largely praised during Trump’s presidential campaign, fact which was welcomed by Texas electors.

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