Trademark Application Hints at Nintendo Theme Park

Mario Kart

Nintendo and Universal filed a trademark application for Super Nintendo World

Nintendo might be preparing a huge surprise for fans of all ages. Recently, they have filed an application for a trademark for the name Super Nintendo World. Although they haven’t revealed much about it, the company might be preparing to build a theme park in collaboration with Universal.

Trademark application for a Nintendo theme park

On May 24, Nintendo filed an application at the United States Patent & Trademark Office to receive a trademark for the name Super Nintendo World. In the application, they mentioned that the trademark should cover a number of goods and services. Most of these services are also listed as part of amusement parks and events which usually take place in such spaces.

Will it feature real-life Mario kart?

Leaving aside the events and activities which are usually held in an amusement park, there was something which attracted everyone’s attention. One claim in the application mentioned the management and arranging of karts and kart racing. This might mean that Nintendo is preparing a real-life version of Mario Kart, and what would a Nintendo theme park be without real-life Mario Kart?

Also, Nintendo asked for video game equipment and special machines, together with the suitable accessories for them. Besides video games, Nintendo also wants to bring other apparatus for amusement apart from arcade machines, which makes us even more curious.

They did not forget about other services or items which should be part of a theme park. These include places for accommodation, restaurants, and the necessary services for each, and the possibility of renting venues for special events.

Nintendo and Universal have posted a video of how they image the new theme park should look like, and revealed a part of their plans. However, Nintendo still has to announce what special theme rides and attractions they will prepare. The park will open both in Orlando, Hollywood, and Osaka.

Image Source: Flickr