New Tostitos Bag Tells You When You’re too Drunk to Drive

Bag of Tostitos

Tostitos launched a bag that detects if you’re too drunk to drive and calls you an Uber on Super Bowl Sunday

Tostitos has a useful surprise for those who are going to purchase a bag of chips on Super Bowl Sunday. If you grab a bag, you can watch the game without worries, because you will be getting home safe.

Tostitos will issue limited edition ‘Party Safe’ bags that feature a sensor technology that can detect when you are drunk. The bag comes with a sensor attached to a microcontroller which can detect traces of alcohol in your breath.

If it detects any alcohol, the sensor turns red and displays the image of a steering wheel. It will also show you an Uber code and the message ‘Don’t drink and drive’. Those who wish to take an Uber home can use the promotion code on the bag and receive a $10 discount. The promotion is available both during and after the Super Bowl, on February 5th.

The idea of the bag came to a San Francisco based advertising agency, Goodby Silverstein & Partners. They say that they know all the emotions football fans feel during Super Bowl, therefore it is easy for one to drink more than they should. Thus, they want Tostitos to be that one friend that takes your keys away from you and offers to give you a ride home. Also, they are planning to keep 25,000 cars off from the road on that Sunday.

The initiative has been inspired by a recent report endorsed by MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) that found high declines in drunk driving accident rates in cities where Uber operates. Also, in March 2015, Uber placed a breathalyzer kiosk that offered free rides to people who took the breathalyzer test and proved too drunk to drive.

Such a breathalyzer kiosk was placed in Toronto, Canada, and Uber even recorded a video meant to promote the equipment. They asked people who consumed alcohol to take the test in order to see if they can pass the breathalyzer test. They used straws to blow into the digital breathalyzer and, if the levels of alcohol in their breath was over the recommended limit for driving, a car was automatically ordered.

This initiative is not only about the opportunity to receive a trip home when you need it, but it is also meant to raise awareness on the devastating impacts drunk driving has and on the much too big number of accidents that happen every year because of this. Never drink and drive and do not forget to take your Tostitos with you at the Super Bowl.
Image Source: Flickr