Toshiba Radius 12 – Only If You Prefer a 4K Display Above All

toshiba-radius-12Next time, you should buy a Toshiba Radius 12, only if you prefer a 4K display above all. The Japanese company is probably famous for its type of medium-tier devices that are preferred during the holiday season and, whenever it tried to bring a leading device, its initiatives have sometimes been rather unsuccessful.

However, with its Radius 12 may be a different story, since it has almost all modern features, with the 4K screen, Technicolor-certified display and weighs almost 3 lbs. This is particularly amazing for a true convertible like it with 360-degree hinges.

Even if the $1,000 base model has a lower-resolution and lower-tech display, the rest of the settings provide rather quality specifications for this amount of money.

The Radius 12 has all the components of a top ultra-portable notebook, but it appears that its biggest advantage is its main weakness too, since that stunning 4K screen with Technicolor-certified display drains extremely fast the battery power.

Maybe, with future processor developments, Toshiba will not have to cut some corners in its devices. The device is extremely light and it almost justifies its rather fragile style. However, similar gadgets like Apple’s 12” MacBook is even lighter and seems sturdier and stylish during use.

While it may not be the most attractive laptop, it is well built beneath its monotone surface. The display does not move when it is pressed harder and the keyboard offers a decent typing experience, even during long text editing sessions.

From a practical point of view, the framework hosts a series of useful collection of slots, having the fully-sized HDMI outlet, a couple of USB 3.0 ports, a compact Type-C connector, a handy microSD reader, an earphone port and the volume key for when your product is used as a tablet.

All these connections may seem too much compared with the MacBook, a notebook that achieves more with just one USB Type-C. Its optional 4K feature probably represents the main reason why people want to purchase the Radius 12.

The glass layers extend almost from side to side, with the thinnest of them acting as buffer affordable shield between its screen and other parts of the device. Some people are still not convinced that a 4K resolution is needed on such a small screen.

A bit lower image quality can still look clear and is less harmful on the battery power, especially since there are not yet too many 4K videos to see anyway. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that this pixel density makes the display stunning for its viewers.

Image source: Digitaltrends