Titan Steve Zadesky is Leaving “Project Titan”

"An electric car being recharged on the street"

For now the news of a full-fledged Apple electric vehicle is just a rumor.

Apple’s electric car project will suffer as titan Steve Zadesky is leaving “Project Titan” for personal reasons. Familiar sources that were cited by the Wall Street newspaper say that there were no misunderstandings or arguments between the designer and the company and he is leaving due to some personal issues that were not explained.

The last project that Zadesky was working on was the Apple electric vehicle, codenamed “Project Titan”. The company is focusing a lot of attention and resources upon the development of the car, the deadline for a complete fully functioning engineering system being 2019.

Even though titan Steve Zadesky is leaving “Project Titan”, the reasons have nothing to do with the “clear goals” that were not established by the company in the electric vehicle development.

It seems that Apple has encountered a handful of problems with this project. They were forced to partner up with a carmaker with experience in order to reach the ship date deadline. Also, the size of the project was too big for the space already available and there is news that the company leased some land in San Jose in order to establish a permanent facility for the car’s development.

The former engineer at Ford, Steve Zadesky, was added to the “Titan Project” team last year in February. At the time news was that the team he was leading was made out of hundreds of workers. The rumors also told that Tim Cook, Apple’s current CEO, gave Zadesky a free rein over the department.

This makes the news that titan Steve Zadesky is leaving “Project Titan” even stranger, and there is no statement from Zadesky or Tim Cook for the moment so Apple fans who were expecting a vehicle produced by the famous company will have to wait for an official declaration that will probably shed some light on the matter.

The full-fledged Apple electric vehicle is still a rumor for the moment, as Apple hasn’t made an official declaration that it wants to develop such a piece of technology. But the latest acquisitions and hires made by the company point clearly in this direction. Not to mention the fact that AppleInsider actually reported that a part of the employees that work in the “Project Titan” were recruited from Tesla in September.

But the news that titan Steve Zadesky is leaving the “Project Titan” is yet unconfirmed officially. For the moment he is still an Apple employee so the much-awaited vehicle is still happening, rumors say.

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