Tinder Lets You Play Matchmaker Now


You can find a match for your friend on Tinder

Perhaps you’re better at finding people dates than getting them yourself. At least, if that’s the case on Tinder, there is an option where you can simply share other people’s profiles. If you think your friend could be a better match for a user on Tinder than yourself, then the app will make it very easy for you.

Tinder announced that they’re introducing a new feature, one that is already part of the dating world in real life: matchmaking. That’s right, the app will now have a ‘share’ function, like most do, though this is with quite a bit of a twist. You won’t be sharing links to a funny video or spectacular picture. Instead, you will be able to share other people’s profiles with your friends.

The app is probably trying to make up for its mostly random selection of people that it presents. Since it’s mostly based on area range, it is understandable that there is a chance your next date will be somewhere far away. Though perhaps your friend is in that area, and will be kind enough to share their profile with you, based on things you have in common and what not.

Once the function is used, the link can be sent through text to another Tinder user. That will offer your friends the opportunity to read a profile they might’ve not otherwise seen. It expands the range and offers more opportunities for people who use the app. However, those links will not last forever. According to the company, the links will last for either 72 hours straight or 5 clicks, whichever comes first.

That means that you won’t exactly be able to share a profile with everyone you know. Be nice now, don’t start a fight among your friends.

While Tinder itself has not gained exceptional praise, its popularity cannot be denied. Some are already worried about the violation of privacy that the new feature could bring. However, it’s not quite the case. Users can already share a profile by making a screenshot and then simply sending the picture. Tinder is only making it easier by providing the service through their own app.

And it will also very simple for them to keep track on how many times people actually use the option.

For now, the new ‘share’ button is only in testing and will appear exclusively to a small group of people. If it all goes well, it’s expected that the button will be fully integrated into the app soon enough. Tinder also announced that there will be a way to opt out of it. According to the company, if users don’t want their profiles shared, then they can simply restrict others from clicking the button on their profile. Of course though, no one can stop a screenshot.

Image source: amazonaws.com