Time-Bending FPS SuperHot Is Coming This Month

Time-Bending FPS SuperHot Is Coming This Month

After a long wait and years since its inception, the time-bending FPS SuperHot is coming this month to bring a whole new style of shooter. It looks good, handles good, and adds a much needed twist over the regular ‘bullet time’ that become popular due to The Matrix.

SuperHot was first created in 2013 for the 7 Day FPS Game Jam, and was received incredibly well by the public. In fact, its success was gradual but undoubtedly intense. The creators were prompted to make it into a browser game, but soon things escalated. Players wanted more. More levels, more complicated surroundings, more enemies, more weapons, more everything. While it sounds like tons of pressure placed on the gamemakers, it’s certainly good news.

Thus, they decided to bring SuperHot to the world’s biggest crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. It was an easy way to gather funds for production and properly assess how many people were interested in their project. By the end of the standard Kickstarter month, they gathered $250,000 from over 12,000 backers. That showed ample of interest in a game that looks rather basic in terms of visuals. But it’s not the graphics that make the game. Graphics are just the sweet chocolate coating.

SuperHot has gained immense popularity due to its unique gameplay style. It brings a well-needed twist on ‘bullet time’. While we have seen it in The Matrix and likely controlled it in Max Payne games, SuperHot handles it different. Time moves when you move. Each time the player stops walking around the pure white hallways, time slows to a crawl. This offers them moments to think of their next move. In essence, it turns the regular first person shooter game into something of intense strategy.

There are no regenerating health bars, no ammo placed around. Just you, outnumbered, and outgunned like most movies where the hero still manages to prevail. It’s “unbridled mayhem” and an incredibly entertaining way to approach a shooter. It’s simplistic in appearance, but highly complex underneath the hexagonal graphics, and brightly colored enemies. The pure white surroundings only make the game more visually impacting than it seems.

Players can stop, see the patterns of the bullets and plan their next move. They can pick up weapons, throw things, or even destroy their opponents through close combat.

SuperHot will officially launch this February 25th on PC, Mac, and Linux. A date for Xbox One is still pending, though it’s possible to hold out for a March 2016 launch. It can only be imagined how amazing the game would look on virtual reality. Given that the prototype was already tested on Oculus Rift, one can only hope.

Image source: develop-online.net


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