New Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Arrives Featuring Doctor Strange

Thor: Ragnarok title card

A new trailer for the much-anticipated superhero movie Thor: Ragnarok just dropped and it seems another loved character is making an appearance this time. Also, the new promotional material may have also given a clue regarding Thor’s mysterious role in the next Avengers installment, Infinity War.

A new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok

In the very first moments of the new trailer, Doctor Strange appears in what looks like a continuation of the after-credits scene in his own movie. They seem to be talking and finishing their conversation. Thor seems to be now on Earth, along with his evil brother Loki. They are supposedly searching for their father, Norse god Odin.

However, we are not sure whether or not Strange will help the two find their father, but he surely offers some mysterious advices to Thor. The wizard is talking about Thor’s greater purpose in the near future, something that might hint at the events in The Avengers: Infinity War. It’s also possible that Strange is only talking about Thor’s eventual meeting with Hela, which will surely happen in the movie, as we’ve seen from trailers.

Still, is it possible that Doctor Strange already knows what will happen in the future? More precisely, in The Avengers: Infinity War? It is, thanks to his own Time Stone. It’s possible that he traveled in the future, saw what Thanos wants to do on Earth, and returned to warn the others.

Moreover, it’s entirely possible that Strange has already fought against Thanos and his Black Order and failed. Now, he came back in the past in order to try and stop that from happening. This latter theory is more believable, especially if we remember that in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Strange has never been to Asgard. So, he couldn’t be talking about Thor’s encounter with Hela. Surely, he has something else in his mind.

Image source: wikimedia