The Youngest Cornell University Freshman

Cornell university

Now that he’s twelve, he was accepted as a freshman at the Cornell University

The 12-year-old Jeremy Shuler started reading early. When he was 2, he used to read books in Korean and English. Four years later, he was doing calculus. Now that he’s twelve, he was accepted as a freshman at the Cornell University. Most kids his age are in middle school, but Jeremy is a record breaker.

Cornell Engineering Dean Lance Collins believes that if the child follows the course, one day he will solve big problems. He is excited about the kids’ future.

Jeremy’s parents are two aerospace engineers. They used to live in Grand Prairie, Texas. Soon, Jeremy applied to Cornell. His elite SAT tests and Advanced Placement scores pointed to the fact that he was equipped for college.

Collins says that once his parents agreed to move to Ithaca, everything went smooth. His father, Andy Shuler used to work for Lockheed Martin in Texas.

Collins wanted to ensure the child has a safe environment for him to thrive in.

Despite his advanced intelligence, Jeremy is still a child. He laughs a lot and enjoys the swings. At the age of five, he read “The Lord of the Rings” and “Journey Through Genius: The Great Theorems of Mathematics” by himself. His parents thought enrolling him in kindergarten was useless.

His parents were concerned about his socializing activities. He did not like the playground, but he grew fond of kids from the Math Circle or math camp. In the end, he made friends with similar interests.

Jeremy says he was nervous about the idea of going to college. He is now rather excited about this. He’s made some friends, and he’s used to having older friends who like math.

He likes classes and thinks the hard part has yet to come.

Joe Bates is one who understands and supports Jeremy. He is the founder of Singular Computing, in Newton, Massachusetts. And is an authority on artificial intelligence. He enrolled in Johns Hopkins University at the age of 13. Now he is sixty years old.

He said that going to university made classes more fun for him. From a social perspective, he quickly integrated with his college classmates, whom he felt closer than junior high students.

He advised Jeremy to brace himself and not assume he can manage anything that comes along.

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