The ROLI Seaboard RISE Brings an Original Music to Your Ears

roli seaboard riseThe ROLI Seaboard RISE brings an original music to your ears. The organization’s first item was a much-praised Seaboard GRAND launched a couple of years ago and that came out with ROLI’s uncommon versatile “key wave” area.

This is a part that can be prodded or poked into providing not only separate notes but also sleek glissando, complicated changing sounds and many more options. GRAND was, according to most people who tested it, unbelievable.

It was large and costly: ROLI launched after its first series of special version 88-key designs with the 37- and 61-key editions. However, with price tags from $2,000 and up to almost $9,000 for the largest model, of which only 88 will be made, it is not a device affordable for most artists.

Gladly, the company moved one step further and developed the Seaboard RISE, its $800 variant of the GRAND in the more cost-effective and convenient type. The gadget has 25 key waves, which implies that the entire device can be portable and it has an incorporated battery for separate use.

The moderate cost places the gadget within the reach of home songs lovers, while the mobility makes it the optimum choice for gigging artists. A lack of clear separation between its keys, along with the monochrome colored surface, makes it difficult to play it, as you would do with a regular keyboard.

ROLI included white-colored strips in the place of the dark keys, obviously based on reviews from its GRAND device. The producer has managed to create a panel that separates the sounds into distinctive audio waves, but then mixes them in a truly unusual and fascinating way.

The highly responsive silicone part is saturated with receptors, transforming the action of pressing a key into a sensation similar to the 3D Touch feature found on the recent iPhone 6s. There is little marking on the device, which means that the user has to remember the purpose of each key.

Only few elements are back lit, so lower-light playback may take some time until you get accustomed to it. Whereas the ROLI GRAND was developed for separate use, its more compact relative is based on an outside audio motor, linked through MIDI connections over either wireless or USB.

Image source: Synthtopia