The Oculus Rift Is Already Being Delivered to App Developers

oculus rift vrThe Oculus Rift is already being delivered to app developers and things could be truly falling in place for the firm that restarted the entire virtual reality buzz. Perhaps using the delay of HTC’s Vive VR in its advantage, Oculus may release its device during the first months of 2016.

The company’s representatives have declared that earlier models of the ultimate edition of the Rift headset have started being delivered to various app designers. While not being quite the final VR development, it does offer signs about Oculus’ assurance that its specialists are near the scheduled launch of Rift’s components and software during the first quarter of next year.

Until now, Oculus has kept its promise that this device will be delivered to the dev community before Apr 2016 with a price tag under $400. The opponent of the PC-based Rift is HTC’s Vive, but the organizations lately said it that the launch may be delayed.

However, this extra waiting time is needed for a big technical breakthrough for its components. The shipping of the gadget goes along with the release of the SDK v1.0. As its edition number indicates, that is actually the main version of the original software for the device.

That will allow app developers to create exclusive VR activities for Rift, no matter if these are gaming oriented applications or immersive content. Oculus clearly said that its SDK system, along with the application runtime, is linked to the customer edition of the item.

As a result, the current launch of the device and its application programs are being restricted to app designers who are at the ultimate levels of completing their games and applications for the programmed release in 2016.

It is approximately the same interval when the Oculus Rift is said to be released on the market. Those who are already looking for the Q1 release but do not have the components yet can send a review of their application and hope that the company will react favorably to this request.

Meanwhile, application designers that are still playing with their ideas and are not prepared for the upcoming release of the Rift headset are recommended to proceed using its DK2 components and the SDK edition 0.8.  The company seems quite sure that all elements are still on track for the upcoming release.

In comparison, HTC’s Vive VR, an item created due to the cooperation between the giant Taiwanese producer and Valve, will not be launched until the second quarter of 2016, which could still represent an optimistic estimation.

Image source: Cloudfront