The Microsoft Selfie App Lets You Create the Perfect Self-Potrait

Microsoft-Selfie-APPThe Microsoft Selfie app lets you create the perfect self-portrait, after the company has launched a recent image app developed to help users improve considerably their selfies. It has an easy support for photo editing: people can just click or select an image from the iPhone’s picture library and then change it right within the application.

Microsoft has already a good reputation for developing programs to help increase efficiency, such as software for text editing (Word), developing useful graphs (Excel) and shooting perfect selfies. Before you ask yourself about the image processing part, the company did make an app dedicated to creating the perfect selfie.

It is appropriately named Microsoft Selfie and will be available starting this week in the App Store. Why would people need special selfie application? According to the software producer, their program contains technological innovation to modify and improve any self-portrait in order to make the best of it.

Just like all regular editing functions found in other image platforms, the Microsoft Selfie app is ideal for ensuring that that while users are passionate about their selfie photos, they will also look their best in them.

Actually, Microsoft has presented its application as a top selfie and image improvement software, which applies special formula to make the pictures appear like they were done by true experts. Although it is known as Microsoft Selfie, people can take pics with either their front facing shooter or the main back digicam.

This means that customers can use the app’s technological innovation to make virtually any picture they have much better. This application incorporates into its algorithm particular aspects like the user’s age, sex, complexion, illumination, background noise and other elements prior to making to easy changes to the picture.

Customers have a series of different filters that they can select to do post-processing, but only some of them can be applied at a time. However, if the user wants to apply additional filters, they can save the edited image, reopen it from the application and modify it by using another tool.

Once they are done editing their picture, the image is saved in the phone’s library. The app is totally free and suitable for iPad, iPhone, or iPod Contact. Interestingly, selfie applications are not that unusual in the online world.

Various selfie digicams and editing programs are available in the app stores, such as Facetune and YouCam. Let us not forget about the developments in hardware components with addition of the infamous selfie sticks. Now, Apple may just bring its own selfie thing to step up its iPhone game.

Image source: Winbeta