Rian Johnson Reveals Who the Last Jedi Is

The Last Jedi title card

There has been speculation regarding the title of the upcoming Star Wars movie since it was first announced. Everybody wondered who The Last Jedi is? Well, we could have saved some precious time had we thought to simply ask nicely the man behind it all. The director of the movie, Rian Johnson, has decided to explain what the title means during a recent interview.

Who is The Last Jedi?

It seems like all the speculation and mystery behind this name was in vain because Rian Johnson answered this simple question without avoiding the answer. The director explained that the title of the upcoming installment refers to none other than Luke Skywalker. Surprising, right? Not really. Every rumor regarding this title had his name in the middle.

According to Johnson, had we paid attention to the opening crawl in The Force Awakens, we would have known who the Last Jedi really is. At the moment the movie takes place, Luke Skywalker is indeed the last remaining Jedi. Now, it could be possible that this is a trick to have us looking one way while the truth hides the opposite direction. However, the director promised that from everybody’s point of view, Luke is indeed the last remaining Jedi Knight.

Also, he did not lie about the Force Awakens opening crawl. The first paragraph clearly describes Luke as so. Moreover, the director explained that it was maybe one of the most difficult things to describe why did Luke actually go into seclusion on that island. He didn’t know the answer in the first place but he couldn’t just invent something. There is a history behind that decision and it’s important for fans to know that he’s not hiding there. He is not afraid. Luke has a plan of his own but sometimes, plans don’t go your way and you have to improvise.

Image source: wikimedia