The Huawei Watch Is Now $50 Cheaper in Google Store

huawei smartwatchThe Huawei watch is now $50 cheaper in Google Store and when the company launched its Android Wear OS for watches, users have noticed a number of powerful smart watch promotions from several producers, and not actually smart phone producers. The search engine’s Android Wear system became rather well known, and experts think that we will see more interesting gadgets presented during the coming year.

For 2015 though, there are a series of exciting promotions and Huawei’s wearable is in the first place of this record for many customers. The Chinese manufacturer’s smart watch represents a nicely crafted device with a round screen that does not have protruding elements on it and the users get a complete 360-degree visual display to exploit at its full potential.

The gadget itself is created from a strong aluminum alloy that makes it to appear and feel like top quality timepieces. Huawei has initially presented this watch at the beginning of this year and the organization made its clients to hold out for quite a while in to buy its wearable, while targeting the most loyal of them when it was launched on the market.

This new device is not a mid range Android operating system, since the Chinese company wants to enter into the select premium segment. The Silver version of the smart watch has a price tag of $500, and its Black model requires $80 more. Lately, Google has made a smart decision to lower the price for both versions of this gadget with $50, which indicates that the two timepieces now have a cost of $450 and $530, respectively.

Such price tags still could be costly for some people, but it is something that will help them to buy the watch. The new Huawei Watch has a solid metal frame and it features one actual physical key on the right side. This device rocks the 1.4” fully rounded AMOLED screen, 512 MB of RAM completed by a spacious 4 GB of memory storage. The smart watch is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 system on chip and is delivered with a resilient 300mAh battery that is hidden under the stylish metallic case.

Image source: Readwrite