The HTC One X9 Is Already Arriving in Online Stores

HTC-One-X9The HTC One X9 is already arriving in online stores, after earlier this week, a formal press release suggested that the device may be launched before the end of 2015. So, the company’s website went live today and successfully presented its latest smart phone to the entire tech world.

In the previous days, the device often made news through either speculations, teasers or leaked images. Also, fans have seen the gadget during various events, with the complete specifications list and a detailed series of pictures.

For those who have been monitoring these latest improvements, they are accustomed with the phone and its capabilities. On the outside, the HTC One X9 gets the same style and technology that its maker incorporated into the One A9 series, but with a good share of variations.

While the A9 was immediately belittled as another iPhone 6 replica, the recent smart phone presents a reasonable proportion of new components along with a similar metallic body. The frontal side of the device is taken over by the 5.5” IPS screen working at a 1920×1080 resolution.

Under the display, HTC has built a group of three capacitive keys. This feature may appear as unnecessary since HTC’s latest premium devices have all implemented on-screen control buttons. Nevertheless, capacitive keys are currently trending in Asian marketplaces, which seem to represent HTC’s focus with its One X9 edition.

The look of the sound system, which was probably built into the higher and lower bezel, is another exciting style choice that the company used for the X9. Thanks to its medium to large size, the One X9 provides a comfortable user experience for media consumption and reading which is standard for today’s upper-end devices.

The rear of the gadget is mainly similar to the HTC One A9’s, excepting the plastic strip at the superior part of the phone. While the strip is not very noticeable, as it is the case with Google’s Nexus 6P, some people could not help to observe some resemblances.

In a similar manner to the capacitive keys and the appearance of the sound system, the plastic strip is a change from the simple clean style that HTC implemented in its past mobile phones.

Image source: Technijuan