The Fitbit Blaze Now Sets Your Workouts on Fire

fitbit_blaze_fitness trackerThe Fitbit Blaze now sets your workouts on fire. This week at CES, the US producer has revealed the latest edition of its modern health and fitness watch, called Fitbit Blaze. Through the launch of this device, the producer wants to rival similar gadgets, such as Apple Watch, by offering less fitness features but many more options in the personalization and style departments.

The new smart watch include personalized equipment features for its straps and covering, a color touch screen and useful alerts from the owner’s smart phone for calls, texts and schedules. The developers of Fitbit even upgraded the music options to allow track skipping and volume control straight from the gadget.

It is worth noticing that the $200 Fitbit wearable with a colored is actually cheaper than Surge’s fitness device, which has a price tag of $250. That is probably because Fitbit wants people to personalize their Blaze watch with various straps, which can push the overall price beyond the Surge.

Fitbit’s gadget also does not have the GPS included in rival devices even if this wearable can still monitor GPS information offered from a linked smart phone. The Fitbit Blaze will have a series of on-board exercises from FitStar, the company acquired by Fitbit in 2015.

In addition, users have the choice to synchronize more sports activities with the fitness system via the dedicated Fitbit mobile app. Similar to Surge’s fitness and health wearable, Fitbit’s next-generation watch is arriving with conventional functions like several-day battery power, MultiSport Mode or PurePulse that monitors the owner’s pulse rate without needing pauses.

The gadget makes sure that all data about the rest hours, exercise routines and other activities are as precise as possible. Its MultiSport Mode allows people to assign what form of exercise they are performing, from jogging or riding a bike to football playing.

Thanks to this handy functions, the system will ensure that every activity is recorded precisely and at the right time. Furthermore, the Fitbit Blaze arrives with SmartTrack, a feature that identifies the kind of workout you are doing and begins recording all actions accordingly.

Still, the company suggests using this special mode for correct monitoring, but also wants to secure their customers’ information if they forget recording it. The latest wearable has a Connected GPS option, which is the elegant way of stating that it synchronizes with a GPS from the smart cell phone via a wireless connection.

In simple terms, people must keep their phones with them in order to monitor speed and sports activities, and once these are finished, the wearable will send the owner’s route directly to the FitBit Blaze for further analysis.

The customer will be capable to see full details about their actions and speed straight on the device, even if that data is basically arriving from the phone inside their pocket Since Fitbit has added its first color display to the product, people now can personalize the clock face of the tracker to suit their preferences.

To make the new fitness and health watch compliant with 200 gadgets as other similar devices, the producer designed their proprietary OS for this product, meaning that people will not be allowed to download extra third-party applications to their watch.

The Fitbit Blaze will arrive with a series of personalization choices, beginning with the covering itself, which suits various straps for maximum customization management. However, the watch will be offered with a stainless-steel frame at release, with more top quality features coming later these months.

The manufacturer is providing its traditional elastomer straps in plum, blue and black for $30, one of these being a part of the selling box with the unique series of the gadget.

Image source: Alphr