The Fall Of PC’s Marks Another Year As Sales Continue To Drop

the fall of pcs to mark keyboard disappearence

The fall of PC’ has seen a steady decrease that doesn’t seem to be stopping.

The year’s quarter reports have once again confirmed the fact that the fall of PC’ has seen a steady decrease that started some two years ago and doesn’t seem to be stopping.

As the concerned industry released its quarter year reports on Tuesday, the numbers revealed a new downwards slip in the quantity of delivered personal computers, whilst the smartphone, tablets, and other such devices demand seems to be on a constant growth.

The worldwide number of PC shipments reached, in the year’s third quarter, a total of 68.9 million sold pieces and, as early estimates realized by Gartner seem to predict, marked a 5.7 percent decline as compared to last year’s same time frame.

Others, like the International Data Corporation (IDC), pointed to an even lower number of sales estimate as they declared in their Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker a total units’ number of approximately 68 million pieces, which would mark a 3.9 percent drop as compared to the same 2015 quarter.

Gartner also stated that the ever declining numbers have marked the eight consecutive quarter since personal computer sales started to drop, and also named it as the industry’ longest period of downfall ever recorded.

The company’s principal analyst, Mikako Kitagawa, continued to explain that there are two major factors which seem to weigh in on the technology’s decline and have made an impact on the respective market.

One of the issues is caused by the PC itself, as following the excess of devices available for sale, personal computers continued to extend their lifetime and as such cause a bigger time gap in the acquisition of a new model. The other problem would be the smaller and ever-weakening consumer demand for the product in current or emerging markets.

As a survey carried out by the same company demonstrated, most usual technology consumers use and possess at least three devices, all of different computing types, but the PC is moving further down in priority.

As existing market users raise the demand for new, more interesting devices, and emerging market consumers seem to cast their attention towards and mostly use smartphones and tablets in their daily activities, the need for personal computers seems to either stagnate or dwindle, in accordance to the market-type.

Despite the negative numbers and the seemingly fall of PC’s, IDC is positive as the quarter results, although still declining, were better than the predicted numbers and that for the first time in quite a long period, computer vendors are starting to restock their inventories after more than a year cut.

The best sales-placed computer maker continued to be Lenovo, with almost 21 percent of the market sales, although the Chinese giant registered a quarterly fall in numbers compared to its adversaries as Hewlett-Packard gathered almost equal numbers from its second place and Dell came in third.

Image Source: Wikimedia