The Effects Of Marijuana On Your Brain And Body

effects of marijuana

It is one of the biggest studies about marijuana and it sums up the most important effects of marijuana.

In some states marijuana has been legalized and since that happened scientists have had access to test it. They have been able to see how this drug affects our brain and body. In other states, marijuana is still a Schedule 1 drug.

Researchers have been testing marijuana in order to see if it is effective for pain relief. Researchers also tested it to see if it can help with certain types of epilepsy. The fact that it is now legalized made cannabis a new treatment.

A new report was released this month mentioning the real effects of cannabis on our body and brain. This report was completed by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM). It is one of the biggest studies about marijuana and it sums up the most important effects of marijuana.

This drug can make you feel happy and relaxed because it has an active ingredient that interacts with your brain. This active ingredient is called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This ingredient interacts with the part of the brain that responds to the things that make us feel good. The problem is that when the drug is taken too often we trigger the signal of “good feeling” too many times and we stop feeling good about other things.

One of the effects of marijuana is that is can alleviate pain. This is because it contains a chemical known as cannabidiol. Despite the fact that it doesn’t get you high, this is the ingredient that is known for pain relief. This ingredient has shown potential in treating certain types of epilepsy.

The bad effects of marijuana consist in losing track of time and increase heart rate. When you smoke cannabis you will probably feel like the time passes too hard or too slow. The fact that this drug has been studied little in past made it hard for scientists to know the reason for this problem.

The increased heart rate is also a problem because it can trigger other health problems. Some researchers believed that it could trigger a heart attack but there is little to no evidence about this.

All of the effects of marijuana are found in the report completed by the NASEM. Researchers mentioned that they will continue to study this drug.

Image source: Pixabay