The Compute Stick Gives a Whole New Meaning to the Term “Portable PC”

intel-compute-stickThe Compute Stick gives a whole new meaning to the term “portable PC”. In 2015, Intel presented one of the most fascinating products: its Compute Stick, which is a small PC that has an HDMI slot incorporated in it.

The tiny device can transform any big screen into a fully functional computer and all the user has to do is to connect the stick into the rear of a TV. This week, the company has unveiled three improved Compute Sticks during its presentation at  CES 2016.

All gadgets have more recent, quicker chips and more powerful Wi-Fi abilities in a smooth new flat frame with more slots. They measure around 4.5” in length and 1.5” in width, so can be taken practically anywhere.

The smart concept of connecting a system with the dimensions of a larger USB stick into a TV or display and turn it into full-featured PC made Intel’s Compute Stick the crowd favorite computer from CES 2015.

At their core, these mini computers, which have a price tag of $160, have an Atom z8400 processor, 2 GB of RAM accommodated by 32 GB of storage space, and arrive with the new MS Windows 10. They now have a couple of  USB slots (one being a 2.0 type while the other is 3.0), while last year’s sticks had only one type 2.0 slot.

The mini computers also use dual-band Wi-Fi, providing a much more powerful connection in comparison to 2015’s versions. Intel also included a pair of enhanced Compute Sticks, with one of them operating on the Core m3 processors and MS Windows 10 (costing $400), while the second mini PC has an m5 Chip, but no OS preinstalled on it ($500).

Both of them are just a tad bigger than the previous Compute Sticks, having 4 GB of RAM along with 64 GB of internal memory, though only one USB slot. However, users do not have to be worried about the lack o connectors, since the company is adding a pair of USB slots in the power charge.

This means that, if the charger is connected along with its Compute Sticks, people will be able to use the small PC with no problem at all. In the last years, mobile PCs have really taken off on the fast growing tech market.

For instance, InFocus’ Kangaroo is an exciting item that can make an iPad or any other display act like a MS Windows 10 device. Compared to them, Intel’s new and enhanced Compute Stick seems just as appealing for offering processing functions on the road.

Some sources say that the US hardware producer is developing a mobile computer for game playing as well. However, IT fans will have to contain their enthusiasm until the new product is released on the market, but given its history we can expect only good things from Intel in the months to come.

Intel did not offer exact delivery schedules for its Compute Sticks, but these products may be offered for sale some time during next month. The heavy cost of the mini computers with M processors is unprecedented, particularly considering that these gadgets were presented as lower-cost computer systems that could simply turn any monitor with HDMI slots into a desktop.

The new chips may have been included into this high cost and the company is clearly aiming for rich business clients, where access to information, user verification and remote gadget control are all extremely important.

The vPro processor has functions that allow network administrators to better manage the use of these Compute Sticks. It is worth noticing that in 2015 too, Intel has announced a series of Compute Sticks running on Core M chips, but it did not announce their costs or availability.

 Image source: Aolcdn