The BlackBerry Priv Update Is Now Available for Downloading

blackberry-priv-updateThe BlackBerry Priv update is now available for downloading and for the majority of people who are already sporting their device’s physical keyboard, the overall user experience has been a positive one so far. And things are getting even better, since sources in the tech world are saying that the company’s recent smartphone is ready to get its first monthly servicing update through an online connection.

The rumors state that the upgrade will have approximately 475 MB, which indicates that it is best to use the Wi-Fi systems to receive the update, in order to ensure that the smart phone has sufficient battery energy to last for the entire data transfer and installation. Usually, 50 percent or more power is enough to get the job done and test the upgrade afterwards.

BlackBerry PRIV was first presented at the beginning of last month and its specs consist of the 5.4” display with a resolution of 2560 by 1440. The smart phone has an 18MP main rear sensor and 3 GB of RAM, the device being powered by a resilient 3,400-mAH battery.

It has a weight of almost 200 grams, the extra size being caused by the sliding physical keyboard, a trademark of all BlackBerry phones over the years. It operates on Android 5.1 Lollipop and the phone is offered only in the black color. Blackberry PRIV can be bought unlocked at a price of $700, while whereas the contract version is available at AT&T for $250.

This particular enhancement will not have any significant modifications built into the latest version of Android, Marshmallow 6.0, but it has to provide a variety of new improvements, developments, besides other minor tweaks to it. Some of these changes consist of a better digicam that will speed up its dedicated application, as well as the capability to shoot better pictures in environments with low light.

Apart from these features, BlackBerry Priv’s platform has been strengthened all around in order to provide better program efficiency. It will become more constant in its performances and the user will see a reduced number of lagging and freezing applications. Furthermore, the company traditionally has offered a high level of protection to its gadgets and this is why the next upgrade will also have added this month’s security patches into its software mix.

These programs are designed to withstand other Android protection risks out there that appear quire often due to the popularity and open-sourced nature of this operating system. The upgrade is easily obtainable for any BlackBerry Priv model that was selected via the company’s official website, while the mobile providers’ enhancements versions will begin to be released later this week.

Image source: Androidauthority


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