The App Will Tell You Which Dog Breed You Look Like

The App Will Tell You Which Dog Breed You Look Like

Microsoft came up with something new and potentially entertaining: the app will tell you which dog breed you look like. Even though that might not be the main purpose of the software, it’s certainly one way to poke fun at yourself and your friends.

The app called Fetch! and its site,, have been teaming up with Microsoft to create an app that is half practical, half fun, and in a tiny part something that will prove the company’s prowess. More specifically, Microsoft is showing off its intelligent cloud services, machine learning, and computer vision.

According to Mitch Goldberg, development director at Microsoft Research, they wanted to create a framework that takes a domain, dogs in this scenario, and recognizes its numerous classes. In this particular case, they created an app that can recognize dog breeds from pictures snapped through an iPhone camera or an image in the library. Their aim was to create a piece of software that will make object recognition “extraordinary, fun, and surprising”. And they seem on the right path.

During testing, Fetch! proved itself to not only be a pretty accurate tool, but also a fun app to use on random objects. If you take a photo of a dog, it will tell you what breed it is, along with the type of family it would be best in and its personality. However, if you take picture of an inanimate object, such a flower, the app will actually make an educated guess. So, you might see something like “No dogs found! Hmm… this looks more like… flower?”.

The app is excellent proof of what the mechanics behind it can do. It’s not limited to dogs, but the software will actually attempt to recognize every object, and it will get it right for most of the time. Goldberg claimed that they wanted to show that “object recognition is something anyone could understand and interact with”. It’s as simple as snapping a photo. By using Microsoft machine-learning technology, it processes the image and tries to guess what object you’ve put in front of it.

Of course, if you take a picture of another human, the app will “kick into its fun mode”. Instead of saying that there is no dog found, the app will start its process and tell you which dog breed you look like the most. Yes, some feelings might get hurt. However, it could just be fun if you’re not the kind to take those things seriously. Microsoft stated that this “is the kind of app you’re going to take out when you’re with your friends”.

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